Hi, my name is feiry and I am an iOS indie developer based in Bandung, Indonesia.

I am the creator and sole developer of Blogshelf II. I have been working full-time developing Blogshelf and now Blogshelf II for 2.5 years. But if it counts from the start of making an RSS Reader iPhone app, Blogshelf II has taken 3.5 years of cumulative works and ideas since I wrote iNews for the first time.

Previously, I was a developer and co-founder at GDI for 8 years.


Blogshelf cannot be grown to this stage without precious support, suggestion, input and feedback from my best friend Roy Winata the creator and sole developer of iWriteWords.

I would also like to thank all of the original Blogshelf users who buy the app and send a lot of valuable feedback.


You can email me at me@feiry.org. I will read all the emails and will try my best to response if a response is necessary.

You can also find me on Twitter and Facebook.